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Some self service is available online directly with our insurance carriers!

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You have good insurance protection, you have good rates, but is your agent there when you need them? One of the common stories we hear from people who are leaving their current insurer to join our agency involves poor service. Some insurance companies' idea of good service is to return phone calls 1 week later - if at all. And that is if you can get through past their automated attendant.

Not at Dwyer Insurance. When you pick up the phone to call our agency you can always discuss your needs with a licensed, experienced agent. Currently our entire staff is licensed and we each have many years of experience. If your agent isn't available, the person answering the phone can normally help you. We are a family agency that works together as a team to satisfy our client’s needs.

Our goal is to provide the kind of prompt, knowledgeable and efficient service that will impress you each time we are needed. For your convenience consider using some aspects of this service center for routine needs or after our business hours.